Frequently Asked Questions

Beta Platform

  • Do I earn anything if people I have recommended Neos7 to recommend Neos7 to others?

    Yes, users have the potential to receive commissions based on their position within the community as those they've recommended continue to bring others into the Neos7 fold. A detailed breakdown of the commission structure can be explored during our seminars/webinars or through direct contact with the recommender. 

  • Do I earn anything if I recommend Neos7 to others?

    Absolutely. Recommending Neos7 opens the door to various earning opportunities. For a comprehensive understanding of the mechanics, we encourage users to attend our seminars/webinars or reach out to their recommender for personalized insights into the referral program. 

  • Can I offer my used items on the portal?

    Yes, users are not limited to new items; they can also offer used items in the Neos7 Marketplace. This inclusive approach encourages sustainability and diversity, expanding the range of offerings available within the Neos7 community. 

  • At what level can withdrawals be requested?

    Users can request withdrawals once they reach a minimum balance of 50€. To facilitate secure transactions and comply with our commitment to user safety, we require complete personal data to be provided before processing withdrawal requests. 

  • Can I sell my products/services in the shop?

    Absolutely. Users are encouraged to showcase and sell their products and services in the Neos7 Marketplace. This feature fosters a dynamic and diverse ecosystem within the Neos7 community, allowing users to contribute to and benefit from the collective richness of offerings. 

  • Can I pay with crypto?

    The integration of cryptocurrency payments is actively in progress, underscoring our commitment to embracing technological advancements. This upcoming feature will provide users with additional flexibility and convenience when conducting transactions on the Neos7 platform. 

  • Can I see who is in my structure?

    Users can gain insight into their network structure by navigating to the 'Direct' or 'Indirect' sections under 'Partner'. This feature provides a detailed view of the user's first line and overall structure, enhancing transparency and facilitating effective management within the Neos7 community. 

  • What can I do with NEOS7 Web Application?

    NEOS7 offer users a gateway to an exclusive and meticulously curated experience within Neos7. Users can exchange their NEOS for a diverse selection of high-quality products and premium services, each carefully chosen to enhance and personalize their journey on the platform. 

  • When do payouts take place?

    Payouts are a weekly occurrence, taking place every Monday during the first and third weeks of each month. This regular and consistent schedule ensures that users can rely on timely and predictable rewards for their ongoing contributions to the Neos7 community. 

  • From now on, can I use/exchange NEOS points?

    The anticipated initiation of NEOS exchange is scheduled for January 2024. This timeline is contingent upon the success and growth of the Neos7 platform by that time, ensuring a smooth and seamless integration of the NEOS exchange feature for our users. 

  • How can I advertise?

    Upon registration, users gain access to a wealth of promotional resources in the 'Partners -> Resources' section. Referral links found here can be strategically incorporated into websites or distributed through messengers and social media platforms. These links serve as personalized invitations, automatically assigning interested parties to the user upon registration. 

  • How can I register on the Neos7 Marketing platform(Beta version)?

    You can use this link to register and create a profile in Neos7 platfrom: